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Couldn't Fall
I wanted to fall,
I wanted to plunge
Into eyes,
Into arms,
Your gentle touch -
I wanted to know
I wanted so much
To fall in love with you.
But search as I might,
I never could find
The heart,
The life,
The depth of mind
That put the Lord first
And me behind;
I wanted to fall for you.
I wanted to see,
I wanted to feel
That rock
Of faith,
That godly zeal -
But hollow words
Cannot sound real,
Though I tried to fall for you.
If I could but say
I don't blame you
For living
Your faith
The way you do,
Just understand -
I wanted this too,
But I couldn't fall for you.
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 6 4
Leaving Saint Martin by Emily-Byrd Leaving Saint Martin :iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 11 0 When in 'France' by Emily-Byrd When in 'France' :iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 8 0 Sint Maarten by Emily-Byrd Sint Maarten :iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 8 2 Iguana Getchu by Emily-Byrd Iguana Getchu :iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 10 3
Kentucky Rain
I've seen worlds that are worlds away from my own
Sailed seas that pulled me far from home
I've felt things for which I had no name
But nothing can rival Kentucky rain
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 9 4
Picturesque by Emily-Byrd Picturesque :iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 9 2
When Ships Come In ~30/30~
Sails so full and snowy-white
They looked like a mirage,
But they draw nearer, faster still
With seagull entourage.
Bright as morning, clear as day
"I still doubt what I see,
I never thought they would come -
How can they be for me?"
I stepped on board those magic blessings,
Breathed the salty wind
I won't forget that wonderment
The day my ships came in.
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 9 7
Dried Roses ~29/30~
Dried roses,
Forgotten kisses,
Heart deadened
To the loss.
Still lovely,
All the mem'ries -
Though I do regret
The cost.
But I'm happy
We're both free
And busy minds
Gather no moss.
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 5 3
Campus Walk ~28/30~
Robin songs and ringing bells
Blossom-covered stone stairwells
Stately-columned libraries -
I make and trace these memories.
Once a freshman, now I'm old;
Once so timid, now made bold;
This place a maze in which to roam
Is now a home away from home.
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 9 4
Time with Dora ~27/30~
I'm not sure you'll ever know
what our afternoons mean to me -
Sun filtering in those old windows,
Gabbing about art
and dating
and Jesus
Until the street lights come on
and we strain to see the hands on the clock
We have solved riddles and traced histories
Like I trace the ink stains on your carpet
We have shared hearts and delved mysteries;
I have cried into your ancient stuffed bear,
As you have rubbed my head and sung hymns to me.
Nothing exciting, nothing elaborate -
Just two hearts pouring forth friendship
And time is a ministry -
Sweet, sweet time to do nothing...
It's everything.
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 6 5
Heartscraps ~26/30~
A Touch of a Touch of madness
A Charming Dream, perhaps
A Look of nervous gladness
Just a Bit of relapse
I've played the Guesswork games
My tightrope Tic-Tac-Toe, 
Prolonged Addictive Pain -
But now at last he'll know.
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 10 2
Green Bedroom ~25/30~
Sunset air makes the dust dance
Opal scents of lilac whistle in
Green walls bounce light
Potted plants open their arms to drink it in
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 7 2
Dross and Gold ~24/30~
Let Your glory blaze around me,
Burn away my every doubt;
In Your mercy you have found me,
Melt me down and carve me out.
Make me bold to bear my cross,
Pour me out into your mold;
Let Your fire consume the dross,
Shape me into purest gold.
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 9 4
Give Me a Voice ~23/30~
Give me a song in the land of the desolate,
Give me a voice to sing
The praise of Your glory and manifold blessing,
Immortal, unchangeable King!
Give me a voice in the land of the voiceless,
Give me temperate words;
Let them smolder and kindle and light a bright fire
As hearts begin to burn.
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 11 4
Transportation ~22/30~
Time forgot this yellow train station;
The ticket windows are frosted with age,
Weeds over the tracks drop seeds for the sparrows,
And I close my eyes for the briefest moment -
I hold my hat as the years blow away;
A passenger train roars up,
Glittering in the blue dusk
And I step into a page of history.
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 5 2
My little corner of the internet, wherein I share poetry, stories, photography, art, and various crafts.

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Praise God
My soul praises God for His wondrous deeds
great is His glory and splendour in His mercies and grace
Great is His deeds known to all the earth
Praise God for His name be glorified
Praise God for He is good forever.
In the fields the sun shall herald His glory
all knees shall bend and tongue confess
all spirits and souls revere and all profess
no other signs of Redemption than in Christ Jesus our Lord and God alone
Great is His majesty
His praises be raise as high as the mountain tops
surpassing parapets of clouds which sits upon the temple of His throne
Great is His wonders
and awesome His might and power
praise be unto God for His is the power and glory
praise and praise I say to You...
for You are love and grace imbue
in every vessel every flesh
which You have formed, in whom You bless
O praise His name
Be glorified His name
Christ Jesus Lord God of all ages- Same
God the Father, God the Spirit and God the Son
Three in Divine bodies and in Holy Union One!
Praise Be Him who makes the
:iconcereal-in-a-bowl:cereal-in-a-bowl 13 4
She's a whisper carried away on the wind,
A flutter of leaves that dance ahead
She's a voiceless scream written in poetry
Her laugh breaks like the light under sea.
She's beautiful, like you'll never know.
:iconpoeticeden:PoeticEden 10 6
Waiting for a kiss... by NatashaSmithPhoto Waiting for a kiss... :iconnatashasmithphoto:NatashaSmithPhoto 149 17
Writing at Dawn (Haiku)
filling blank pages
I love to see the morning
from the other side
:iconkayanya:Kayanya 2 0
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In Need Of Opinions!
I don't know if this belongs in status update or journal...
I've also never posted on either, but I really need some outside opinion.
A friend of mine shared some information with me about an upcoming poetry contest.
I would really like to send something in.
It can be one poem on any subject as long as it's 26 lines or less.
So, if my watchers -or anyone of the wonderfully random Deviants from the literature community (Charles ;P)-
could give me their opinion it would be greatly appreciated!!
What I need to know is which poem I should enter?
Is there any that y'all like in particular...?
If it's short enough please tell me in the comments.
Thank you sooo much just for taking the time out to read this over!
1501 Broadway
12th Floor N
New York, NY 10036
Submissions must be postmarked by April 30, 2015
:iconwritteninraw:WrittenInRaw 2 6
The Odd Snowball by puppydogbonz The Odd Snowball :iconpuppydogbonz:puppydogbonz 57 7 Sweet Dreams by jerry8448 Sweet Dreams :iconjerry8448:jerry8448 1,493 100 Morning by RHADS Morning :iconrhads:RHADS 3,878 115


Art Piece
Oil pastel, paint, ink, charcoal, pencil, even throw in some digital.  Just name your choice of medium, provide a visual reference, subject, theme, or other request, and we'll see what is born!
I love poems, and would be thrilled to write one just for you!
Please specify freeverse or rhyming, subject, mood, and any special requests.


Emily-Byrd has started a donation pool!
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If you have any points to spare, and for some strange reason don't want to make me write for them ;) , I would love you forever were you to drop them here. I collect for contests, gifts, and commissions.
You all are lovely. Good day.

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Emily Byrd
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United States
❀ Christ-follower. Poet. Elf. Geek. ISFP. Old soul.

❀ Please browse my gallery, comment freely, and always send me notes if you like - about life, art, my faith, anything! I love connecting with new people.

❀ I’m just me-ish: an old-fashioned young lady from Kentucky learning through life, pretending I'm in a book. I am currently in my junior year studying communication disorders; I aim to be a speech therapist! I'm also minoring in digital design just for fun.
Art is a huge part of my soul, and my heart and hands will ever be devoted to it. I’m quite the novice, but I try to dabble a bit in everything... photography, drawing, crafting, painting and writing. Words are my love language. Ever since I was tiny, I’ve written poetry, stories, journals, and letters.
You can often find me staying up late reading, singing by myself, making jewelry and miniatures, snail-mailing with my pen-pal, weeping about beautiful movies, sewing costumes, playing piano or spirit flute, geeking out about the 40’s, quoting Disney, birdwatching, or star-gazing.

❀ Fandom-wise, I'm just your average Kindred Spirit/Middle-Earthian/Narnian/Whovian/Sherlockian/Janite/Disnerd/Marveler. Good day!

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    My dear artfolks,
    Well, I've hinted at some news, so here we are:
:chairdance:At the end of March, I was called into my boss's office to be informed that... I received the promotion at the tutoring center! That week I had been quite beat down - pensive about a recent break-up, stressed about home. I knew the position was competitive and convinced myself I wouldn't get in. But! Now I'm a Student Program Coordinator. My specific sub-focus is marketing, where I will help execute outreach projects in addition to assisting in training, leading a team of tutors, and supervising on the floor.
Llama Truck Best of all, this opened the door for me to... move close to campus. Everything providentially fell into place, and I don't say that offhandedly. The funds, the roommate, the location... I believe nothing is a coincidence, but this was crystal clear.
A couple months ago, I casually met a freshman named Hannah at a party. We instantly bonded over classic books and obscure Celtic music. Our connection felt eerie enough that I asked God if I was called to befriend/disciple her. He had something more in mind, though I had long assumed that if I moved, I would lease en masse and achieve a coveted position on a roommate squad. Even with the arrows pointing to Hannah, I believed a certain upperclassman house my best fit, and was pulling hard at the reins to get there, despite a bad location and rumors of roommate strife. In a sticky turn of events, I lost out on the house, then lost two options for Hannah and I. Strangely though, snatches of one apartment were on my mind, though the exterior seemed so rundown we had purposefully marked it off. Consistently, especially in writing "Around the Bend", flashes of it permeated my imagination, and nothing else we were touring seemed right. It was a weird sensation, but I fully believe it was God's leading. Thus, Hannah and I toured, everything inside was ideal, and I even connected with a neighbor or two. We fell in love with the place and signed the lease in three days' time.
Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ So many bright new changes are rolling up. My older brother graduated with his BSN, my younger brother is graduating high school, and I am officially a college senior now! This semester has boasted some of my hardest classes yet, and I never thought I'd make it through without a scratch (GPA-wise or just plain cracking up) especially diagnostics, medical terminology, and acoustic physics. But here I am! My finals wrapped up this week, and the freedom has me reeling. I still feel like I'm procrastinating something.
PhotoPhenom avatar And, as if I hadn't enough to do during the last few weeks of school...
I launched my photography business.
Picturesque by Emily has been a long time coming. But here I am with three paid photo-shoots under my belt, three coming up this week, social media pages, a new email, website in-progress, and some slick business cards.
Sooo... if you are interested in seeing my photography entrepreneurship, head over to my pages and like/follow to keep up! Love y'all.
Instagram New Icon @picturesquebyemily

Ohhh friends! God is so good. I really don't deserve all He's doing for me. He's been with me and at work through long years of stressful family situations. I'm studying a career I love, getting a side-gig I enjoy, and working in a writing center. He's provided me the means and healthy desire to become independent. Best of all, he's given me so many wonderful people:
    gray heart bullet A handful of dear classmates. Ah the group project party, the cross-campus walks with Michael and Eman, the post-final's nap at Aleah's house, the midterm phonetics cramming with Katie...
    gray heart bullet Coworkers who tease, share, play weird music and chill... Stephanie, Trinity, Jude, Shelby, Matt, etc. We have taken love language tests together, vented through homework, and played cards on our last day.
    gray heart bullet My family. Despite having no doubts about moving, I'm still hit with homey pangs every time we laugh around a table or snuggle down for a movie.
    gray heart bullet My best friends. I will never grow tired of long talks, cooking sessions, life adventures and random phonecalls with Dora, nor of letters, skypes, and planning visits with my pen-pal.
    gray heart bullet My future roommate. I have so far seen a beautifully nerdy, Jesus-loving heart. I can't wait for even more decor discussions and bluegrass sessions. (I came across her and some music friends jamming on the sidewalk, and they let me "join" by plucking a few chords and singing. It was the best thing that happened to me last week.)
    gray heart bullet My ministry family. I don't know where I'd be without that home-away-from-home... those retreats, parties, bonfires, Bible studies, dances, and late night games. I can't wait to move closer and spend more time there, as well as serve on the Prayer team next year.
    gray heart bullet You guys, who have inspired me to become both a writer and photographer. Inspired to write, I wrote enough to consider myself qualified to coach others - thus I'm a tutor, now supervisor. Inspired to photograph, I took up my design minor - thus I am equipped to pursue this new business.
Sorry for the long post, but thank you all so much.


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Thank you for owl you've done in faving  "It's all in the eyes..."     :iconowl-plz: 

That frowning bird looked as if he had irritable owl syndrome but glad you liked it anyway
Owl all right I'll stop but I'm not sorry about the puns I don't give a hoot  what ?  
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Thanks for watching, Emily. And thanks for introducing me to NaPo. I entered four poems, all in the last two weeks. Two a week is a record for me. :) (Smile) 
Emily-Byrd Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course! I was surprised I wasn't watching already... oops. ;)
Bravo! It's been quite a journey for me. (...The past four years of it! Gets easier.)
Grazemasque Featured By Owner May 1, 2018
Well, I figured you'd get around to watching after you finished reading Banjo Paterson. :o (Eek) 
My 6th grade teacher read a poem to us one day, and told us we reminded him of the "youths lined up along the barber's wall." (The Man from Ironbark.) He was mostly referring to me, I think.
Emily-Byrd Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaha! Perfect.
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Thank you very much for the favorites and the Watch, Emily.
Emily-Byrd Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
My pleasure!!
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just wanted to say - I stumbled across your work and your poetry is amazing! I can't wait to get a chance to read more of it :D thanks for sharing it here; you are so talented! 
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